ReStartMe 2.0

ReStartMe is designed to do one thing, and that is to restart processes
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ReStartMe is designed to do one thing, and that is to restart processes. ReStartMe is used is that when it is started, you add processes to watch. You can either start a new program, or add a currently running process.

Once you tell ReStartMe to watch a process, it will watch it, but it won't react until the process exits. When a process that ReStartMe is watching exits for any reason, whether it was closed properly or not, ReStartMe will restart it.

Main Features:
- Select from running processes
- Start a new process by browsing for an executable file
- Multiple processes my be watched at one time
- Minimizes to system tray so as not to clutter your task bar
- Ability to password protect the window so that others can't add or remove processes from the watch list, or close ReStartMe
- Ability to remember processes between uses (When a previous process isn't there the next time ReStartMe starts, it can either do nothing, watch for it, or start it)
- Ability to start with Windows (For the current user)
- Ability to start minimized in the system tray
- Checks for updates silently, and only alerts you if one is found
- Easy to use!

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